Was Michael Jackson A 3000 Year Old Egyptian

3000 year old Egyptian limestone bust
Egyptian bust 3000 y.o.This coincidence has been around for a while but there are no doubt many who haven't seen it.

The photos above and right are of a 3000 year old limestone Egyptian bust.

But, who does this remind you of? The slightly disfigured nose, the wide eyes etc.

Yes, of course, it's Michael Jackson.

The limestone bust has been on display and one museum worker said, "The similarity between the limestone statue – which is about 3,000 years old - and Michael Jackson is astounding."

Don't think there are any known connection between Egypt and Michael but:

King Tut's DNA Reasons of Death were published - Feb 16, 2010 and
Michael Jackson's Autopsy Results were published - Feb 16, 2010

Maybe Michael Jackson was a man from another age. But, there again, probably most of us are!

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  1. You might want to check out this image of a Mayan statue and some modern day celebrity,too.