They Were Born In The Same Hospital Coincidence

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Here is a follow up coincidence story following the 67 Not Out post Married Couple Were Unknowingly Photographed Together As Children.

"My husband and I met on a blind date in 1960 and, as we got to know each other, we realised we had been born in the same hospital in Gower within three days of each other. Yet another case of deja vu.

His mum already had two boys and, had he been born a girl, he would have been named Yvonne, which is my middle name.

We've been very happy together and next March celebrate our golden wedding anniversary - not bad after spending our first days in neighbouring cots."

~ Margaret Yvonne Smith.

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Wedding Guests Find Two Coffins Instead Of The Wedding

Animal MagicThe British author Andrew Barrow has recently had a book published called Animal Magic: A Brother's Story

As the title suggests it is a memoir of his brother: Jonathan.

This story of Jonathan has a strange side to it, a coincidence if you like.

Jonathan was 18 months younger than Andrew when he died in a car crash, this was some 40 years ago, when he was then only 22 years age. Alongside Jonathan his fiancee, Anita Fielding, was also killed. This all happened just a short time before they were due to be married at the Brompton Oratory in London. All of the embossed copperplate invitations had been sent out.

Sadly the guests had to attend a double requiem on what would have been Jonathan and Anita's wedding day.

This in itself is pretty weird, but there is a further bizarre twist to the story.

At the time of the fatal car crash Jonathan had been writing a novel called The Queue

One of the scenes tells of wedding guests arriving at a London church only to find two coffins where the bride and groom should be. In The Queue the dead man had left behind a surreal novel, which goes on to be published to universal praise.

Following Jonathan's death the question was raised as to whether he had crashed his car deliberately to fulfil his own fictional prophecy. This is not, however, thought to be true. It was all a sad coincidence. (Source)

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Living Around The Corner From Himself Coincidence

Same names

The following coincidence story I obtained from the Understanding Uncertainty website.

"I've lived in a small town in Alabama for 20 years. It wasn't till my last birthday, April 13th 2013, that a friend of mine came to me to tell me she almost got in a fight with a girl she works with over me.

Not understanding I asked how. She said, that after she attended my birthday party she posted it on Facebook. The next day a co-worker started asking why she was attending a party she wasn't even at. My friend replied that she in fact did and showed her the pictures.

The co-worker stepped back and said that's not possible. She asked why. The co-worker said my husband had his birthday yesterday as well. She went on to add that his name is also Brent Carlson. At first, I assumed this was a joke, but after she showed me his Facebook page I had to believe it.

I contacted this other Brent and found out that he lived not more than about 15 minutes away. This is still hard for me to believe since I've only know a small handful of Carlsons, an even smaller handful of Brents, and barely anyone with my exact birthday.

The fact that these requirements all met at the same time is hard to believe, and that that person is right around the corner is even harder.

What was just as disturbing is we've lived so close and know some of the same people and not once in 20 years did anyone mention this. I even dated a girl who went to school and was pretty good friends with him. She never thought it needed to be mentioned to either one of us.

We seem to be complete opposites so I'm at least happy about that."

~ Brent Carlson

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Finding Money By Coincidence

coins and finding coins
Some of the coins my wife has found
As I have written previously my wife is always finding coins.

On a recent visit to west London she found a coin next to our car when we parked at the motorway services. We had stopped for coffee and a cake. "I'm bound to find three while we are away," she commented.

We reached our hotel and, after dumping our stuff in our room, went for a walk. We crossed the road by some traffic lights and on the barrier was another coin, her second. "One more to go," she said.

The next day we were walking through woods at Ruislip Lido and she spotted a one pound coin on the path ahead. A small girl walking with her parents in the opposite direction also spotted the coin and raced ahead to pick it up. My wife laughed that the girl had picked up 'her' coin. She didn't mind, of course, as it was a delight to see the small girl's expression when she claimed her 'gold' coin.

That night we went for yet another walk and, sure enough, on the pavement was my wife's third coin - with no little girl in sight.

When we got back to the hotel I looked at the dates of the coins to see if there was any significance: 1988, 1999 and 2010. I didn't notice it straight away, but there is a difference of eleven years between each coin, in other words 11:11. And, by coincidence, I have already written a post about 11:11 which was written prior to us going away.

My wife finds coins because she expects to do so. In this example, when she believed she would find three that's what happened. I must try to get her thinking about bigger things! Okay, joking aside, what this does illustrate is our potential to create. If we can conjure up three coins then why not a new car, happiness, better circumstances, love, knowledge - well, anything at all. All that holds us back is our belief, and that's often the difficult bit to overcome.

This post was previously posted on my other blog 67 Not Out in 2011.

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The Coincidence Of The Links We Have With Other People

A coincidence story from Dan today about the links we sometimes unexpectedly have with other people.

"I went for a job interview in Norwich (a middle-size city in Eastern England). At the interview stage I met this girl called Louisa. I got talking to her and it turned out she came from Dunstable which was near to where I went to university in Luton.

When I told her what I had studied she reeled off a list of 2 or 3 people she knew at Luton University, one of whom was my ex-girlfriend, Karen! I was astonished.

After we had our interviews I offered to walk her home and asked her where she lived. It was the exact house that one of my other ex-girlfriends, Sophie, lived in a year before! I returned home a bit freaked.

I didn’t see Louisa again for about three months when she turned up to start work in not only the same office but the same team as I was in. And this wasn't for the company where we met for the interviews, but somewhere completely different!"

~ Dan

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Coincidence: They Missed Out On Millions But Six Years Later Had Money Galore

baby crying clip artI start off with a sad tale, so play those violins.

Lee and Sue from Grimsby in England were strapped for cash. After having a brand new baby there wasn't much left. They had to hunt for bargains, cheap supermarket deals and so on. The baby needed nappies. I think that's diapers in the US, so the couple had to forgo their usual flutter on the UK lottery. The £1 ($1.40) had a more practical use for that particular week.

Lee and Sue always kept to the usual numbers for the lottery, so surely one week missed wouldn't hurt. Sadly it did. Their six numbers came up and they would have won £8 million, that's about $11.5 million.

They carried on with life for the next six years, they had no choice, and went back to hunting bargains at car boot sales, discount houses and the like. They also increased the size of their family.

Ah, but now we can cut those violins and play some happier music.

money bags clip artA few weeks ago the couple started doing the lottery again, but this time the Euromillions draw, same numbers as before, of course. The good news is they have just won a share of the top prize, and have received a cheque for a cool £5 million! Okay, not the £8 million they missed out on, but they aren't grumbling. What's £3 million amongst friends.

Lee Mullen said, "We missed out on £8 million and were gutted. We finally started doing the lottery again only a few weeks ago. It's an amazing outcome." And who can argue with that.

So was there a reason they missed out on the big money six years ago? Was it the wrong time for them to become millionaires and perhaps now is the right time?

Or are you one of those who would say: 'Well the odds of winning the UK lottery are 14 million to one but someone still has to win it, and does win it most weeks. And some of those winners are bound to have some sort of coincidence story to tell about their success.'

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