Penny's 1962 Penny Coincidence Story

A shortish coincidence example or story from Penny:

"I was born in 1962 and today as I was walking to do some shopping I stopped to pick up an old penny that was laying on the pavement. I noticed that the year of the penny was 1962 and I'm called Penny!

I was standing still while looking at the coin as a neighbour walked past me and said, 'A penny for your thoughts,' which was about right."

~ Penny

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  1. My favourite penny is the 1964 penny;

    because that was the year I was born.
    Another thing about pennys are that they are almost a religious icon in Australia because of the game of "Two-Up".

    Which reminds me of that old saying -
    "Life's a gamble."
    How true ?

    1. Never played it. Though I can remember as a kid men standing in a field playing - I think it was called - Pitch and Toss. That was about tossing coins and seeing how and where they fell. I told my mother and she said how stupid the men were as some lost their wages in this way.

      But, as you say, life is a gamble to a certain extent. Now where's that lottery ticket ...