The Buddha Coincidence Connection Story

Buddha on mantelpiece
From a very early age I've always been interested in Buddha. No idea why, as this was far removed from my upbringing. When I moved into my first home one of the things I bought was a small Buddha as an ornament. I didn't know anything about Buddhism at the time.

Later in life, when I was married, I saw another Buddha in a shop while visiting Spain. I just had to buy it. "Why?" asked my wife but I couldn't really give an answer. It was simply something I felt I had to do.

As the years ticked by I gradually got to know a little about Buddhism, not by seeking it out but because it simply presented itself to me. I also felt I had an affinity with Nepal and the Himalayas.

I'm not now a Buddhist - but it still fascinates me and is, somehow, within me.

Moving forward many years my mother had a severe stroke and had to move to a Nursing Home. It was a sad and difficult time. Just before she died we managed to get her to our house. It was very emotional as she said she had thought she would never see our house again.

As she sat in our living room she looked at my Buddhas on the mantelpiece (as per the photo above), where they had sat for many years including all the while my mother was fit and well.

"It's strange," she said, "My father always had a Buddha on the fireplace mantelpiece as well."

I didn't know this as I had never known my maternal grandfather. He was a lot older than my grandmother and died years before I was born.

My mother went on to say her father was a Buddhist.

I was amazed at this, as it was something I never knew and something my mother had never mentioned previously. My grandmother was very much a Bible person.

It's odd but years before, when I had seen photos of my grandfather as a young man, I felt I knew him. His face was familiar. As with Buddha and the Himalayas I felt a definite affinity with him. One of my prized possessions is a collection of several of his old fashioned gold tie pins.

A friend suggested to me that these connections are all down to reincarnation - but I guess that's a whole different issue.

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  1. I'm the same Mike.I've got them all around the house for the same reasons.I've got six in this room alone (my computer room)in fact one looks exactly like the one on the left of your photo,except he is green.
    I have the same feelings as far as Tibet/Nepal goes as well.When I was a child my Grandmother used to do the housework for a lady who was getting too old to do it herself.I was fasinated by this lady.Even as a young boy I senced she was very spiritual in her ways.When she passed on she left a box of books to my Grandmother,who in turn gave them to me...why I don't know,because at the time I hated reading...but I loved movies,and for some reason I got this thought in my head that some of the books would make great movies.For some reason I got the idea that when I got older I should turn these books into I set out to read all the books in the box.One of those books was "The Third Eye" by a guy called
    Lobsang Rampa (who after reading many books of his,I would later find out was a fraud).
    I loved this book because even then what he descibed seemed very familiar teritory to me in my lost memories.It's why I liked films like "Lost Horizon",because they seemed to touch on familar ground,and in some ways they still do.But now I don't know if it's just nostalgia for favourite childhood films or a past life.
    I'm not a Buddist either...but if you were to ask me to pick only one religion and that would be it,in all honesty,that would be it.
    When I went to the Woodford Folkfest I was looking for something that I could wear that I felt comfortable in and also spiritual.I chose a white t-shirt with a print of that budha on the lefthand side of your photo.
    I guess it's why I go to the Chinese temple in my nieghbourhood every year to celebrate Chinese New Year with them,because in a crazy way,I feel that I am honouring my past as well.

    1. I've got more than the three in the picture and also have a buddha by my computer at home - in what I call my office.

      I too read The Third Eye and was knocked out by it as it all rang true to me. I've still got three of Lobsang Rampa's books on my shelves. I know it was supposedly proven that he was a fraud but I still have doubts about this. His explanation was simply not acceptable to the established point of view.

      It's interesting how some things appear 'right' in life that are far removed from how we are brought up or have been 'taught'.

  2. Again, you two are spiritual brothers. Love the parallels.