The Wrong Tom And Jerry Coincidence

Tom and Jerry cartoon picture

Simple coincidence examples today from Amber, a reader of my 67 Not Out blog. It illustrates how once we become aware of coincidences and synchronicity we tend to notice them more and more.

"I 'Stumbled' on your site using Stumbleupon and looked around for about an hour, and I really started noticing more. I had three coincidences.

First I had just got done reading about your wife finding coins and I had my two year old sitting in my lap and she got down between my legs and was playing and then handed me a penny.

Secondly I was thinking about a friend named Brad and just glanced at a magnet on the fridge that said something about Braddock that I've never noticed before.

And thirdly my two year old wanted to watch Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse cartoon, but I had in a DVD of very old cartoons like Popeye and Betty Boop. The first cartoon on it was actually called Tom and Jerry but it was animated guys and not the cat and mouse - but still weird."

~ Amber

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  1. Nice story Mike and Happy Easter to you. Bet you are with your grandson!

    1. Happy Easter to you too - not too many eggs though.

  2. Good synchrosecrets for Easter !

    Have a beautiful day!