All Born On The Same Day Coincidence


February 5th was a special day for mum Pam Banwell as it was her daughter Millie's first birthday. There was an extra big family celebration in South Wales because, as well as being Millie's birthday, it was also the birthday of her other two children Jac and Alisha.

Pam and her partner Lee Collins didn't plan it to happen this way it was just one of those 133,000 to one coincidences that can happen. Millie actually came into the world ten days prematurely - another coincidence.

There was a special birthday cake. No, not one each - but a cake in three sections: a third in the colours of Manchester United Football Club for Jac, a third as a Princess for Alisha and the remaining segment was of Mickey Mouse for Millie.

Pam said, "When most families are trying to cope with the post-Christmas blues, we are planning a big celebration all over again. It's like Christmas morning with presents and a big party. And it will be the same on February the 5th for years to come as well."

I also saw the following on a Daily Mail comment: "My mother was born on the 7th August 1933, I was born on the same day, 7th August 1955, I got married on 7th August 1984, my best mate and man was born on the same day as me, my eldest daughter was born on the 7th August 1986 and my son on 7th August 1987. Beat that! - Paul"

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  1. That's very interesting,because at the moment I've been analyzing the Michael Mann / Jamie Foxx /Tom Cruise connection in movies over at my blog (using the Michael Mann movie "Collateral" as my starting point)
    with other sync heads...sort of a
    "Six Degrees of Separation" thing and I notice Michael Mann's birthday is Feb 5th also.

  2. As for the 7th August,David Duchovny from the X-files was born on this day also,so you now something strange is going on .-)

    1. The k went missing off the "know" in my above comment.
      I'll have to fire another editor again.-)

  3. Daz - love that duchovny reference! This is quite an intriguing series of birthday synchros. Who's in charge? How is stuff like this arranged?