Coincidence Story From Author Colin Wilson

The coincidence story today is from the author Colin Wilson. His classic books include: The Occult: For Those Who Would Walk with the Gods, Mysteries, and Beyond the Occult.

Colin Wilson author"I was reading Hawkin's Stonehenge Decoded, the last section on the standing stones of Callanish, which Hawkins describes as a kind of Stone Age computer.

I finished the book and immediately picked up Bell's Mathematics, Queen of the Sciences. It opened at Chapter 6, and I found myself looking at a footnote on Stone Age mathematics.

The chances against coming across it immediately after the piece on Callanish were probably a million to one.

Again, last night I was reading an account of the Domenech murder case at Moher, in Galway, and noted that the victim had been at Mary Washington College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where I had lectured recently. Ten minutes later I opened Wanda Orynski's abstracts of Hegel, and saw that the introduction is by Kurt Leidecker at Mary Washington College.

There are nothing startling about these coincidences except the odds against them."

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  1. And what huge odds! What we think of as small synchros are often just as impressive as the big ones because of the odds.

    And Wilson's classic on the occult is one of my favorites.

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  3. Oddly enough I bought two of Colin Wilson's books "The Outsider" and "Super Consciousness" in my last batch of books from Amazon UK.I have not read any Colin Wilson books but was reading about him in a magazine/book called "Gnostic 2" and decided to read some of the mentioned books in that article.
    I also noticed he resided in Cornwall at the time the article was published.
    Also I have a book on Hegel,but am yet to read that,as well.
    In my second "Dragon" post there are screen shots of Bruce Lee typing "Hegel's theory of synthesis".
    Talking of odds.

    1. I read (and still have) The Occult and Mysteries by Colin Wilson from the late 70s. Big books with plenty of substance. As you say he lives in Cornwall.