A Muddle Of Names Coincidence

a muddle cloud of names

Today's story is all about the coincidence of names and comes from Alan S - as you'll see his name is part of the coincidence.

"I was walking home from the my new girlfriend's house early on Saturday morning. Unfortunately I had to go to work later that morning. It only usually takes me about 20 minutes but I met an old friend, Wayne T, I used to know from school and we got talking about different things. I hadn't seen him for about five years.

He told me all about his ex and the sordid details of how they had split up. He then said her name was Jenny P.

I told him my new girlfriend is also called Jenny P.

Fortunately, from the story he had told me, they were different girls but with the same name.

When I finally I got home I rang my Jenny. We talked away and I asked her about her ex. "You mean Wayne T?" she said.

This got me worried but it turned out that Wayne T definitely wasn't the same one that I had met earlier in the day. The names were just coincidences.

There was also one more coincidence. As I continued talking to Jenny she told me that her sister had phoned her and she had a new boyfriend called Alan S, which happens to be my name!!"

~ Alan S.

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  1. Yikes! What is all mean? These name synchros are always fascinating, but tough to decipher.