The Birthday Phone Call Coincidence

Girl on a phone call

A coincidence story to day from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. If you have a coincidence and/or synchronicity story you would like published on this blog please use the contact button on 67 Not Out - which is my other blog. Thanks, Mike.

I have a friend from college, we were very close at school in Virginia but she moved to California and I moved to New York where constant communication is extremely difficult, and a three hour time difference didn't help.

For some reason her birthday was always hard for me to remember, I could never remember if it was the 20th, 21st, 22nd, or 23rd of July.

The first year out of school, I forgot it completely and sent flowers the following day to apologize.

This year, (second year out) I again forgot her birthday.

I went on with my day as normal - walked to work, got a coffee, started up the computer.

At about 11am my time, 8am her time, I received a text message from her saying "Thank you for the birthday call, sorry I missed it!"

I had absolutely not called her that morning, I was sure of it. I thought she had to have been mistaken, I almost even responded saying she was, but at least I was reminded of her birthday and I looked like the good guy! Before I did respond though, I looked through my phone just to check and see - so I could know if she responded with "Wrong number" about her last text.

Sure enough my phone had dialed her number while in my bag on my walk to work - 8am our time, 5am her time! I ALWAYS put my phone on lock so that it can't butt dial - but thank God I forgot that morning!

~ Name withheld

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