Attracting Birds Coincidence

bird on wife's hand
We seem to be attracting birds!

There's the baby bird in the photos, for instance, who flew onto my wife's hand while she was gardening - that's why she's wearing the dirty gloves. He must have needed a rest and was quite happy to remain where he was while I went indoors to fetch my camera.

Later we walked down the road where we live and there was a young girl waiting. She asked if we could help her. She'd found a fledgling bird and didn't know what to do. We sorted that out and, after a walk, returned home.

That evening we were heading, on foot again, to our son's house and at the side of the road a young black rook was ahead of us. He stopped on the pavement and, as we caught up with him, ran next to us looking up at the banked wall at the side of the road.

He ran in a sort of sideways motion, looked up, ran a bit further, looked up and so it continued. Almost something like a dog would do. My wife gently picked him up, he didn't struggle, and put him on the high bank. He looked at us as if to say thank you, turned round, and walked off into the undergrowth on the bank.

bird sits on hand
The birds were all remarkably tame despite being wild. They appeared to trust us, which was a lovely feeling.

Just thinking: I'm posting this on my late mum's birthday - perhaps that's got something to with the birds, some sort of connection. As she got older she would often sit in our living room and say she was happy to sit quietly watching the birds in our garden.

This post was originally posted on my 67 Not Out blog.

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  1. Lovely photos, so sweet. Animals must trust you and Karin.

  2. Thanks Mike,I was wondering which of the ten books on my desk I should start reading now,but I thought I would let the universe give me a guiding sign.I came here to this post and read about these incredible bird contacts of yours and thought so be it,
    "The Healing Wisdom of Birds" by Lesley Morrison is it and that choice feels quite right for some reason.So thanks.

  3. certainly sounds like
    "The Healing Wisdom of Birds" was the right choice after all from reading Lesley Morrison's intro,she writes;

    "When I first undertook this project,many people asked me why I felt compelled to write a whole book about birds.My answer? I was haunted,day and night,until I did.THE UNIVERSE HAS A FUNNY WAY OF MAKING IT'S ADVICE KNOWN,and after many challenging encounters and rescues with feathered creatures I finally got the message.I became alerted to the silent mission before me,and was compelled by unyielding insistence to pay closer attention to birds and their world.So I remained haunted until the final manuscript was complete."

    Hmmmm !

  4. Re:
    "Just thinking: I'm posting this on my late mum's birthday - perhaps that's got something to with the birds,some sort of connection".

    In the first chapter called "The Bird Goddess"
    Lesley writes;
    "These images are among the most enduring in world mythology,evolving throughout time from one deity to another,but always merging with the same primal nature of the mother figure.
    Birds repeatedly overshadow other forms of animals as symbols of the iconic image called the Great Mother Goddess."

    Maybe you should be reading this book Mike?-)

    1. I think maybe I should Darren.

      Good way to choose a book: by using the Universe for guidance.

      Thanks for your wisdom.

  5. That little bird is incredibly tame and seems quite happy on Karin's hand. I think it was your mom, dropping by to say hi. Great quotes, Daz. I'm going to have to find that book!

    1. I think there is a connection with my mum - thanks Trish.

  6. "The appearance of birds in your life as teachers will always coincide with your readiness to hear the message".
    Another line from
    "The Healing Wisdom of Birds".

    What type of bird is that on Karin's hand by the way,Mike ?