126 Coincidence Got Tom A New Woman Friend

House number sign 126

A coincidence story from Tom. Were the car number plates a sign of something to come?

"I'm called Tom and two months ago, when coming home from work, I saw two car registration plates which began with TOM. One of them I remembered the number as well: TOM 126.

That night my work mate asked me if I could give him a lift to pick up his young son, who was at a friend's house. My mate had problems with his car.

I went with him to the road as directed and said, "What number?"

He said, "126, Tom."

I parked outside and he went into the house to collect his son, but then waved for me to come in as well. The woman of the house made us a coffee. She was very attractive and I'm now going out with her!!

Was the number plate a sign I wonder?"

~ Tom

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