The Fruity Coincidence

Red Apple

This is a small personal coincidence story.

I don't eat apples as I don't think they agree me except when cooked in an apple pie. My wife isn't bothered about them either so we never buy them as part of our fruit choice when we go shopping at the supermarket.

However on Friday last week my wife decided to buy two apples along with the normal fruit we wanted. I asked her why she had bought them but she just mumbled something about they might come in useful. So who was I to argue!

On Friday evening my wife ate one of the apples so we had one left.

On Saturday afternoon a neighbour knocked on our door and said that he knew it was a strange request but did we have an apple he could have. It seems he and his wife were holding a kids party for their daughter and were one apple short to give to the children attending.

So funnily enough, or by coincidence or precognition we had a spare apple.

Okay not exactly a world shattering coincidence but it makes you wonder ...

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  1. You don't like apples, but doesn't it keep the doctor away! I've been reading some of the coincidences I've missed recently, makes me wonder about the world. Must get on as I'm supposed to start work at 8am.

    1. I see you did the post a 7.42 time to eat an apple before you start work.

  2. In the fruit world I thought two apples would make a lovely pear.(pair.-)