Meeting In Venice Italy Coincidence

Venice Italy

My thanks to JC for the following coincidence story:

"Probably the biggest coincidence that's ever happened to me occured while I was traveling Europe with my best friend. We had just graduated high school and were traveling for our first time. We made it to Venice, Italy about halfway through our trip.

We were walking down one of those typical skinny Italian streets packed full of tourists, when we suddenly run into one of our best friends, Peter, who was traveling with his family.

We knew he was traveling somewhere in Europe, but had no clue where and had no plans to meet up because we were on a paid tour (and this was about a year before Facebook so we couldn't stalk each other's locations).

Then it got weirder.

After about five minutes of jumping and yelling in excitement, he tells us that he also just ran into two of our other very close friends Rio and Will, who were also traveling around Europe. Needless to say we all felt like we were in the Twilight Zone.

That night we all met up for beers on the waterfront soaking in the shock of five close friends randomly running into each other on the other side of the world. The picture we took when we first ran into Peter was, to this day, the only time I've ever seen Peter genuinely smile for a camera."

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  1. You gotta love these travel synchros! This one is terrific.