The Meeting Up In Greece Coincidence Story

Hitch-hike Greece coincidence story

A reader's coincidence story today - they can happen anywhere.

"I was in Greece in the summer of 2004, backpacking around, I meet this cute girl (American), we spent all day on the beach, eventually I asked her where in the States she is from, conversation went something like this:

Girl - Seattle

Me - No way me too! What part of the city?

Girl - Near the UW, Ravenna neighborhood!

Me - WHAT!? That's where I live! What street?

Girl - 65th and 18th...

Me - I live on 65th and 17th ... what color is your house?

Girl - Brown with white trimmings!

Me - Do you have a fountain in your yard?

Girl - YEESS! How did you know?

Me - I live in the green house with the rope swing.

Girl - OMG I walk by that house every day!

And then our minds exploded!"

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  1. Amazing when this sort of thing happens so far from home.