1899 Coincidence Club Coincidence

1899 newspaper coincidence club cutting

Coincidences aren't a new thing! Here's one that was published in The Reading Eagle Newspaper on Thursday, October 26th, 1899. At the time there was something called the 'Coincidence Club' and this is one of the member's coincidences:

"You know I'm a lawyer. One day a man named Dodge brought in a letter of introduction from a friend out west.

He had a simple sort of case and I asked him to come back at 3 o'clock that afternoon. Then I went over to the criminal court on business that kept me till within a few minutes of 3 o'clock.

As I entered my office there was a man sitting in the shadow. Without really looking at him, and with my mind full of the appointment, I said, as I went to my private office. "How are you Mr.Dodge? I'll see you in a minute."

Pretty soon I rang and told the office boy to show in Mr. Dodge. The man came in and he wasn't my Mr.Dodge at all.

"How do you know my name?" he said and at the same time handed me a letter of introduction from a friend in down east. His name was Dodge all right, and he had a case.

I gasped at the oddity of the situation, explained the coincidence to my visitor, even showed him the other letter of introduction. But he didn't believe me. He evidently thought I was a liar, and left without putting his case in my hands.

A few minutes later in came the first Mr.Dodge and we had a good laugh over it.

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  1. Not new things! There I was thinking they were a new invention :) But there is probably more awareness now.

  2. Great story. In a sense, those of us who blog about synchronicity are a kind of club!