Meeting By Coincidence On A Maths Day

female math teacher

A coincidence story by Kelly of how two friends met up again on a Maths Day.

"This happened a while ago, and I hadn't thought of it as any more than a coincidence until now. My best friend and I used to be close friends with a girl who moved to a different school, as did we. We both lost contact with this girl completely.

Five years later, and both of us were invited to go to a Maths Day. There were students from a number of different schools there. We went over to the group we had been put in, and my best friend sat down at the end of the row, leaving one seat there which I sat down in. The girl next to me stared at me, and as I turned to face her I immediately recognised her as the girl I had lost contact with."

~ Kelly

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  1. What are the odds of meeting like that on
    Maths Day ?-)

  2. Good one! These synchros that involved huge odds are always fascinating. Now, do tell, what is Maths day??