Stoners Close Created By A Coincidence

A coincidence story today from Jason sent to my other blog 67 Not Out

Jasekoff of Stoners Close
"Just stumbled across your site recently and I'm pleased I did as its a very informative place! :o)

Here's one for you.

I was brought up in the north east (of England), where I met a boy from London who's parents moved from Battersea. We became friends at junior school and then secondary school. I was then sent to boarding school and my family moved to London. My friend and I lost touch.

I was traveling home from work on the bus one dark winter evening when this bloke came bounding up the bus and said, "Jase, it's me, Micky!".

We've been best mates ever since and we have a band and both sing, write songs and play guitar.


It's interesting how Jason and his friend were reunited as together they make up the Stoners Close band.

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  1. Very cool! And another instance in which considerable odds seem to be at work.

    1. Big odds but also interesting how the 'coincidence' developed.