Classic Anne Parrish Coincidence Story

Anne Parrish book: Floating IslandThis is one of those classic coincidence or synchronicity stories which seems to check out okay. It's about the American author Anne Parrish. She wrote novels and also children's literature, such as Floating Island, and lived from 1888 to 1957 - so, yes, it's an old coincidence!

In the 1920s Anne was in Paris with her husband, the industrialist Charles Corliss, and they were browsing the local bookshops. While doing so she picked up a well worn copy of one of her own childhood all time favourites called Jack Frost and Other Stories.

She handed the book to her husband saying how much she loved the book as a child. He flipped open the book and to their amazement on the fly leaf was written: 'Anne Parrish, 209 N. Weber Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado' Yes, it was her very own book!

Goodness knows how Jack Frost got to Paris, but it nicely linked Anne Parrish with her childhood. This theme happens time after time in the world of coincidence and synchronicity.

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  1. Have always enjoyed this classic! It never gets boring.