The Harry Potter And Voldemort Eye Coincidence

Voldemort and his red eyes

A sort of a coincidence from a Harry Potter fan:

I was reading your posts about Harry Potter [The Harry Potter And Rosicrucian Coincidences and JK Rowling And Harry Potter Birthday Coincidence] and then remembered reading about another Harry Potter coincidence:

In the Harry Potter books he has green eyes and uses a a red coloured spell but Voldemort has red eyes and is known to use a green coloured spell - coincidence?

I wonder why Harry's eyes are blue in the movies?

Harry Potter green eyes

Interesting! I did manage to find out about Harry Potter's eye colour. In the movies they were blue, instead of green, simply because this is the colour of Daniel Radcliffe's eyes. It seems they tried giving him coloured contact lenses but he had an allergic reaction to them. When discussing this with the producer, David Heyman, JK Rowling is quoted as saying, in a conversation with Radcliffe:

JK Rowling "I remember, right back at the beginning when you were cast, I remember David Heyman calling me up and saying, 'We’ve tried green contact lenses. How important is it that his eyes are green?'

I said, 'The only really important thing is that his eyes look like his mother’s eyes. So if you’re casting Lily, there needs to be a resemblance, but they don’t absolutely have to be green.'

'Oh thank Christ,' he said."

That's all I can say really!

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