Bizarre Coincidence Of Her Mum's Phone Call

Girl in a phone box

A telephone coincidence story from Valerie today. I've read several that are similar and it does make you wonder how such things can possibly happen.

This is a coincidence that has always stuck in my mind but happened when I was still a teenager.

I was about fifteen and should have been doing a homework project with a friend at her house. Instead we headed for the town centre as this is where a boy we both fancied would likely be hanging out.

At the centre we passed a phone box and it began ringing. My friend, Annie, dared me to answer the phone. I opened the door of the phone box, lifted the phone and said, "Hello." And my mum answered!

Mum said, "Hello Val, what time will you be back from Annie's house, as dinner is nearly ready?"

I was so shocked I told mum where I was and she wasn't very pleased with me as I should have been doing my school work.

By some strange coincidence the phone box number was the same phone number as my friend's house but with one digit different. Mum must have dialled wrongly at exactly the time I was walking past the phone box.

Though I've had lots of coincidences since I think this is the most bizarre one and was the first coincidence I ever remember happening to me.

~ Valerie

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