The Same Clouds Caught On Camera Coincidence

cloud photoIn August 1990 Francis Brooks was attending a Musikfest held in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and while there she saw an extraordinary cloud formation. Though far from being a photographer she had time to snap a photo before the clouds changed. In fact this is the only time she has ever taken a picture of clouds.

When Francis got back to her home in Winterville, Georgia she liked the cloud photo so much she had it enlarged and framed. This she decided would look just right for her bathroom, where it remains today.

Nothing so unusual in this you might think but an unusual coincidence was to follow.

The years passed by and Francis was holding a dinner for some of her local church members. She got talking to JoAnn Snow, a web site designer, who moved to Winterville from Pennsylvania in 2003.

They made small talk, as you do, and Francis mentioned that she'd been to a Musikfest in Bethlehem back in 1990 and told JoAnn about the photo she had taken.

cloud photoThis reminded JoAnn of a photo she too had taken of a cloud formation at the time of the same Musikfest. You are no doubt one step in front of me now!

Francis told JoAnn to take a look at the photo in her bathroom. She did and gasped in amazement when she saw the cloud formation. It was identical to the one she herself had taken.

Francis told the Athens Banner Herald, "We had to take these pictures within a millisecond of each other."

JoAnn added, "We were actually at the same angle, but we were a quarter mile apart."

So two photos, taken by two strangers, are identical and they meet up many years later. You might think this is simply a coincidence but JoAnn thinks otherwise: It's proof to her that a higher power guides their lives. She said about her move to Winterville, "I knew this is where God wanted us to be. There are no coincidences like that."

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  1. Nothing simple about this synchronicity! Really extraordinary. What are the odds?

  2. Very interesting cloud "coincidence".
    It reminds me of the "Face in the Clouds" coincidence post that I put up on my blog;

    If you would like to use that story on your blog Mike,go ahead.It's not my story anyway.I read it on the internet and passed it on,as a service to people that may have missed it.
    It's a great story that deserves retelling,I feel.