A Coincidence Or A Haunting?

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A story today in a reader's own words. He is wondering if the events happened by coincidence or was this a haunting. Another solution perhaps is that this could have been poltergeist action.

A Coincidence or A Haunting?
"My wife's grandmother passed away at 2:30am that morning, on that same day at 12:30 pm, two of my children heard a crashing sound, only for the mirror clock to have fallen off the wall breaking a ceramic rabbit. Then to their amazement, a miniature rocking horse was swiped off of the stereo speaker in front of their eyes.

Scared, they tried to contact my wife who was at work. At the same time another daughter was on the computer. They entered the room only to see a miniature birdhouse, located on a shelf on the wall, swiped off nearly striking the daughter at the computer.

Very frightened she gets off the computer and goes calls my wife. They then all get out of the house and go to the neighbors, until my wife comes home to witness the damage created.

I came home from work and witnessed it for myself. My kids are old enough, they don't mess with their mothers favorite things.

Is it possible the grandmother's spirit was trying to tell the children something,was there a pattern with the favorite things, or is this all just a coincidence?"

~ Name withheld

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