April 15th Coincidences

Date April 15

Here's a 67 Not Out reader's coincidence story. He wishes to remain anonymous. It's all about the date April 15th.

TS Eliot signatureI feel compelled to share with you a remarkable set of coincidences concerning a date. For some reason, as a child I was always fascinated by the Titanic disaster of April 15th 1912.

Despite myself being Welsh my father's family hail from Nottingham and thus I have been a life long Nottingham Forest soccer fan. They were, of course, Liverpool's Semi Final opponents on the day of the Hillsborough Disaster which occurred on April 15th 1989.

It gets even weirder from here.

My mother died on April 8th 1997. The funeral was set for a week later April 15th which also happened to be the 30th birthday of my partner at the time.

Coincidentally (again) on the way to the crematorium there was a banner with 'Happy 30th Birthday' written on it hung over a sign on a roundabout.

Two years later in 1999 I moved to a new flat and was given the moving in date April 15th. On arriving at the flat the electric failed and I had to stay with friends.

I believe it was T.S.Eliot who wrote 'April is the cruelest month' (from Eliot's Waste Land poem). Needless to say I tend to stay in on April 15th nowadays.

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  1. Re:
    "Know that I've given it away"
    That of course should have read -
    "Now that I've given it away"
    Whoops :-)

    1. I must say that the 15th of April means nothing to me,but April 8 will always be a tragic day in my mind,because that's my Dad's birthday
      (that's not the tragic part)and also the date his mother died (my Nana) of a cerebral hemorrhage.
      She was on the phone to my mother complaining that she couldn't see anything,then Mum said the line went silent,but she hadn't hung up.So,Dad raced over to her house (about 12 miles away) broke her front door down and found her dead.You might say not such a happy birthday to him.He never mentions it,but I can guess what he is thinking every-time his birthday rolls around.
      And speaking of 30s,his date of birth is 8/4/1930.He is always proud to tell me he was born on the same day as the Brisbane City Hall was opened to the public.

      Also speaking of the Hillsborough Disaster,my wife bought me Craig Johnston's autobiography "Walk Alone" one Christmas thinking that I was a fan of his (but I thought he was a bit of a tosser,to tell the truth),but I did read it,having been brought up playing soccer as a teenager and dreaming of playing for an English club (NOT Liverpool,BTW).
      To tell the truth I enjoyed reading it,and the part where he recalls the Hillsborough Disaster brought me to tears.Once I had read it I wanted to give the book away,because I couldn't see myself reading it again,but because my wife had bought it for me as a Christmas present I was never game to give the book away...until about a year ago,when I was cleaning out my bookcase trying to make space and asked the Missus if it would be alright to give the book to my brother.She agreed,and so I gave it to him.
      I gave it to him because my father had Craig Johnston as a fare in his cab in Brisbane and asked him if he could autograph a cab voucher made out to his son Darren.Dad was real proud of himself for getting his autograph
      (for me.-) and gave it to me to treasure
      (but,I still thought that he was a tosser,with his fake English accent and all and his refusal to play for the Australian National team...there,that's my real sore point) so I placed it in the book to use as a book mark.
      Know that I've given it away,I wish I still had it,even if it was just to back my story up.
      I'll have to see if my brother still has it,but I doubt it,because he doesn't like soccer at all.
      ...and if anyone is wondering,yes he is still alive and is in excellent health for his age (82)...touch wood.-)

    2. That out does the post by far! Glad to hear your dad is doing well.

      Won't mention Spurs!

    3. Thanks for not mentioning Spurs Mike :-(

    4. No problem, won't mention Spurs today either.

  2. My first comment was supposed to be a reply to my second comment,which was originally my first comment,but I hit delete instead of reply...and of course deleted it.
    My blood pressure did return to normal after I was able to backtrack on my history and retrieve the first comment I thought for all money was lost to life's great superhighway in the sky,copy it and re-post it.

  3. The synchronicity of dates! Daz, that's a layered set of events. And good for your dad, 82 and still moving along!