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A Comic Coincidence
"I am a comic fan. Sometimes in comics there are special seasons when the artists draw beautiful covers worth of hanging in a wall.

In one of those seasons, I had to buy some comics twice because I wanted to keep a copy, and rip the cover of the other copy to hang it on my wall.

This was not a problem, but one day I ran out of money. I had to buy one last comic, which was a special one, and it wasn’t cheap. I bought one copy, because I couldn’t afford to buy two copies.

While walking home, I was happy to have all the comics I wanted, but I was a bit sorry because I didn’t have money to buy another copy of that special comic so that I could frame and hang it in my room.

And now comes the strange coincidence:

The comic I bought had two covers. It was a mistake by the printers. It put two covers in that exact copy of the special comic, which ended in my hands, one of the few people that specifically needed two covers.

- Alvaro

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  1. Wonderful synchro! Talk about an instantaneous manifestation!