Dreaming The Winners Of Horse Races


Today my personal coincidence or synchronicity examples feature dreams and how they foresaw the future.

(1) The first goes back to 1976 but it's one that I remember distinctly because I dreamt the winner of the British Derby.

The thing about this is that I knew absolutely nothing about horse racing, I'd never even had a bet on a horse race or was aware of the names of any 'good' horses. However in 1976 I woke and told my wife that I knew who would win the Derby that day. I said it would be Empery. She just gave me an odd look, the way wives sometimes do.

That morning we went out and passed a bookies, with parking space, and my wife said that, for fun, I should place a bet on Empery because of my dream. I didn't though as I said that I had no idea what to do and besides, "Who believes in dreams?"

Needless to say Empery won the Derby Stakes that afternoon at 10/1 odds.

(2) In 1983 I did it again. This time I dreamt the winner of the Grand National. Again I told my wife the name of the winner: Corbiere. I also mentioned this to a friend, in advance of the race.

Once more I didn't have a bet on the race and Corbiere was the winner.

There are two strange things about both of these dreams - the only two I have ever had about horse racing winners. Even though I hadn't seen a list of horses running in the races, or had the slightest interest in the races, the horses names do have links to me.

(a) Empery is my name, well sort of. I am M.Perry so that is pronounced empery.

(b) I previously lived in Corbiere Avenue.

So what does all this mean? Well there is an obvious synchronicity in the horses names and myself. Did I somehow pick up on this by some means or other? It's just another mystery in the world or Coincidence and Synchronicity.

Does the Universe / World talk to us and sometimes guide us with coincidences. I have, for example, also had other dreams that appear to have looked into the future.

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  1. I like the blog design Mike and don't remember reading this post before, must have been before I became a regular on 67. Quite a coincidence, haven't dreamed of horse winners but a couple of dreams have come true.

  2. I've never dreamed of the winning horse,in fact I don't even remember dreaming about race horses at all in my life.
    And that is odd because I used to go to horse races all the time with my father growing up as a kid,between the ages of 10 and 20.
    Then I drifted away from it.
    But I love race horses,they are magnificent animals to be around.

  3. The thing is Darren I don't even like horse racing or betting. This is because a friend persuaded me to go racing and a horse was injured going over one of the jumps - he had to be destroyed. That put me off completely though I do admire the horses themselves, magnificent animals.

    Thanks also Suzie and Trish.