The Double Whammy Broken Crutch Coincidence

A double whammy coincidence story today from my synchronicity and coincidence cuttings collection. Not too sure where it originated.

"When I was about 13/14 my friends and I used walk through the park up to the comic book store about once a day. Along the way was a mom and pop drugstore that we would stop in and buy candy, sodas, etc.

The drugstore was going out of business and they had all these random crutches in a bin for sale for a quarter. My friend, just for the fun of it, decided to buy one. As we were walking back through the park we ran down this big hill and he wiped out hurting his knee pretty severely in the process, so much so that he actually needed the crutch to walk.

The really bizarre part was that the same fall that had hurt his knee, broke the crutch, rendering it useless."

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