Dreaming Of A Lady In A Red Shawl Coincidence

Young Charles Dickens

On Thursday night of last week, being at the office here, I dreamed that I saw a lady in a red shawl with her back towards me. On her turning round I found that I didn't know her, and she said, "I am Miss Napier."

Lady in a red shawl
The next morning, all the time I was dressing, I thought about the dream and what a preposterous thing it was to have such a very distinct dream about nothing! And why Miss Napier? For I had never heard of any Miss Napier.

That same Friday night, after reading, I came into my retiring-room and there was Miss Boyle and her brother and also a lady in a red shawl - whom they presented to me as: "Miss Napier."

No, that's not my coincidence story, instead it comes from the 1800s and none other than the English author Charles Dickens (1812-1870). Though Dickens often used coincidences within his stories the Miss Napier episode is fact and not fiction.

The photo above shows Charles Dickens in a painting from 1842.

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