The Romantic Meeting Coincidence

Pretty woman

Here's a coincidence story from Rich Masterson.

"I was on holiday last year and was wandering about in Calla D'Or, Mallorca. I couldn't help but notice a youngish man with a beautiful woman. She was all smiles and looked like she was very happy. I went off in a different direction but about half an hour later saw the same woman walking on her own. She went into a fashion shop and on I walked.

It must have been a good hour later, maybe even more, when I went into a small restaurant for some lunch. I made my order to the waitress and in walked the same woman I had seen twice before. 'Quite a coincidence,' I thought.

She smiled at me and, as most of the other tables were taken, she sat at my table after asking if it was all right to do so. I, of course, said, 'Yes.'

We got talking and she was English like me, lived in Kent like I do and was born on the same day as me, June 22nd. Not sure how that came up in conversation but it did. More coincidences: Her surname was Masters (mine is Masterson) and her mother is called Florence, the same as my mother.

To cut the story short, the man I saw her with was her brother.

She and I are now married with a small son. Masters had a son and became Masterson!

I think it was meant to be."

~ Rich

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