Mother And Daughter Unite By Unique Twist Of Fate

Julie WassmerOn UK's BBC television there was a My Story competition and the winner was Julie Wassmer with her More Than Just Coincidence. From the title, you will realise why I am mentioning this true story.

The story is about a mother and daughter who were 'reunited in a remarkable twist of fate.'

Okay, so what is this coincidence story all about? Here's a synopsis:

"At the age of 36 struggling writer, Julie Wassmer, was about to have her first ever meeting with a literary agent. Little did Julie know how momentous this meeting was set to be.

Twenty years earlier, when Julie was just sixteen, she had become pregnant. Worried how her parents would react, Julie had kept her pregnancy a secret right up until the day she gave birth. Ten days later, she was forced to make the hardest decision of her life: to give her baby up for adoption.

As the years passed, Julie often wondered what had happened to her daughter. Now, through the most extraordinary of coincidences, Julie was about to find out. A temporary secretary called Sara had just started working in the agents’ office. Sara had recently discovered that she had been adopted, and had just got hold of her birth certificate. According to the certificate, her mother’s name was Julie Wassmer."

As you will have guessed Julie and Sara were mother and daughter. When they met for the first time, at Kew Gardens in London, they got on like a house on fire. Julie says they were like twins and were able to talk naturally right from the start.

Julie writes in the epilogue of her book, "I feel blessed to have been granted a second chance: the opportunity to know and love not only my lost daughter, but her own beautiful children, Caden and Tullulah."

And all because of more than just a coincidence.

More Than Just a Coincidence is available from Amazon UK.

This post was previously published on my other blog 67 Not Out. Julie sent me the following comment about this:

"I am Julie Wassmer, the author of 'More Than Just Coincidence', published recently by Harper Collins.

Thank you so much for your comments which I was very interested to read. The extraordinary way in which I was reunited with my daughter, Sara, is a story which only now, after twenty years, did I feel able to share with a wider audience. 

The Harper Collins/BBC project 'My Story' offered me the opportunity to do that. It seems ironic that although I was working as a scriptwriter in television for many years, and involved in numerous dramatic, fictional plotlines for shows like 'Eastenders', I carried around in my heart the most exceptional story - which was true. Now, that story is finally out and I have been heartened, touched and moved by the reactions of those who have contacted me after reading the book. 

I do believe that at the very heart of this story lies the message that, sometimes, things can work out for the best - without our intervention.

I sincerely hope that my book has a positive effect on the lives of all who come to read it. 

Best wishes,

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