Baby Points The Way To Ancestors

Baby points the way

A special baby points the way in today's coincidence story from Carolyn.

Like most families, mine wasn't too concerned with our history until the people who knew it were almost gone.

My grandmother couldn't remember anything of the story of how our ancestors came to Canada. There was no other way to find out what we wanted to know.

Then grandma's first great-grandchild was born. The baby was given his name for reasons related to the other side of the family. But when Grandma heard the name, a light bulb was lit.

Purely by coincidence, the name was also the name of the small town in Saskatchewan where her grandparents had settled. With that small hint, she suddenly remembered the name of their village in Romania and other information that allowed us to collect quite a bit of the family story that we thought was lost forever.

Grandma's first great grandchild is a very special one indeed!

Thanks for the great site!

~ Carolyn

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