A Message From Her Dead Father Coincidence

A message from her dead father

A coincidence story today from Amber about a possible message from her deceased father.

659 number Hello again, (Amber also had a story included previously on 67 Not Out)

I had another coincidence yesterday that meant a whole lot to me and I wanted to share with you.

My dear father passed away two years ago and yesterday was his birthday. I went to the grocery store and got some items and my total came out to $6.59.

The significance of that is, a few years ago we were both on our local volunteer rescue squad together, and you are assigned numbers to identify yourself on the radio. My fathers just so happened to be 659.

I've never gotten anything with a total of 659 and it was very special to get it on his birthday. I took it as a special message he was looking down on me.

Thanks for your time.
~ Amber

Coincidences like this are often overlooked or are said to have happened by chance. To the person concerned, however, they are very real and meaningful.

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