June 23rd Coincidence

April's coincidence story about the 23rd of June - which just happens to also be my mother's birthday.

"We married two years ago and were renovating a house we had moved into. At the time I was pregnant so my husband did most of the heavy work, while I supervised!

He was working in what was to be our bedroom and there was a boarded up fireplace, but the previous owners hadn't done a very good job of it.

My husband knocked in the boarded up part so he could re-plaster the area to make it all smooth with the rest of the wall. Behind the board was part of a newspaper, at the top was the date of June 23 (1970).

Nothing too strange in this but our baby was born a few months later on June 23rd. I don't know if this was some kind of prediction or an omen. We called the baby June (it was a girl!) and I'm called April. I'm pregnant again but I can't see us calling a son or daughter October!"
~ April

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