Speeding Car Chase Coincidence

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I can't guarantee that today's coincidence story is 100% true as I have heard similar versions in the past. But, my thanks to the sender who wishes to remain anonymous. Obviously I don't condone some of the things within the story but there again - most of us were young once upon a time!

"When I was a teenager, rather than go to parties and get drunk, we would drive around and cause trouble. We spent a fair amount of time practicing speed runs through a local park with winding roads and we would antagonize drivers to get them to chase us into the park so we could lose them as we sped around the curves in the dark.

One night about an hour or so after we'd been doing that sort of thing we noticed a car had been following us for a few miles. We darted through a residential neighborhood and seemed to have lost him, but as soon as we slowed down he appeared from around the corner and the chase recommenced. We drove out into the country (only a mile out of town since it was Kansas) and into a subdivision that was under construction in hopes that he would lose interest in the chase, but sure enough he stayed behind us the whole way.

By that time it had been going on for a good 10 minutes, which was quite a while for that sort of situation, and resigned to confront him rather than escape, we pulled into a driveway searched the car for anything we could find to defend ourselves.

We sat in the driveway with a crowbar, tire iron, and aluminum baseball bat in our hands while nothing whatsoever happened. It was just one guy and he just sat there and watched us. A few minutes, that felt like hours, passed and we decided if he wasn't going to approach us we were just going to leave like we had wanted to do from the start.

So we pulled out of the driveway, slowly drove around him on the fairly narrow street, and then watched to see if he would recommence the pursuit. He pulled into the driveway, hit the brakes, and when his reverse lights came on for just an instant and we were sure he was getting ready to make a Y turn and continue the chase.

Instead, he put it in park, turned off the car, rushed up to the house, quickly unlocked the door, and went inside. The house was one of the only finished houses in the new subdivision and he lived there."

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