A Coming Together Of Time Place And Circumstance

Swimming pool coincidence

A short coincidence story today received by email.

Bumping into a friend miles from home

"Hiya Mike.

I've enjoyed reading about your coincidences and thought I'd share one of my own with you.

It happened at the end of a family holiday in Portugal. We had been staying out in the countryside but were to return home from Faro (the capital city). Upon arriving at the airport it turned out that our flight was delayed to such an extent that we were to be put up in a hotel in the city.

When we got to the hotel we were told that a buffet had been laid out for the delayed passengers on the roof floor, which was also where the hotel pool was situated.

As we got to the roof and rounded the corner to the pool area my mother quite literally 'bumped into' a woman who turned out to be her work colleague. She was staying in that very hotel. It has always struck me as an amazing coming together of time, place and circumstance."

~ Name withheld

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  1. Another synchro that begs the question: who or what is orchestrating these events?