The Flower Of Many Names Coincidence

Margarita flower or daisy
Margarita or Daisy or Deisy Flower

Colourful coincidences today from 67 Not Out reader Deisy.

If you have a coincidence story to tell please email it to me (contact details on 67 Not Out blog) and I will publish the best and will include a link as well to your site if you wish. Thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike!

I just found your blog and thought I'd share a funny story with you.

I was born in a small ranch in Mexico and was to be named Ana but My godmother decided Deisy suited better and my mom agreed.

Eventually we moved to the US and at age 7 I found out Deisy was English for Margarita which happens to be my mom's name.

In High school I met and eventually married Jesse. In Spanish his name is Jesus, which is my dad's name.

Here you have Margarita and Jesus and now Deisy and Jesse.

As if that's not enough I should also add that my parents marriage was not the best and neither was ours, Jesse and I separated and now my parents are too.

Just thought I'd share it with you as I had not met anyone before who payed as much attention to small things as I have.

Congrats on a great blog.

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  1. My son and I had New York style pizza slice pizza for dinner at Bluesfest last night,and when we asked the vendor what varieties the pizza came in,he told me that there was only one type they sold,
    you probably guessed it -
    Margarita .-)

    And it was great.

  2. Good ones all the way around!