9 11 Numbers Seen On New York Visit

A coincidence story today from Karen about seeing the numbers 9 and 11 on a trip to New York.

Numbers 9 and 11I'm not sure how much of a coincidence or synchronicity this is, or if it's even either, but this is my story.

I'm from England and during September 2006 my friend and I visited New York City. After a good night's sleep on our first night in the city, my friend woke up suddenly. She doesn't know what startled her but the time on her clock was 9:11. She wanted to wake me but didn't, and just told me about it later instead.

On the following day we were walking in the evening and a man asked us what the time was. It was 9:11 which felt quite creepy.

On the last day of our break, we went to lower Manhattan and whilst down there next to the Courthouse, I got a call from my partner in the UK. He said he would be at work when I arrived home the following morning and that he would give our house keys to my father.

It costs me money, while in the US, not only to make but also to receive calls (89p to receive and £1.49 to make a call). As my talk-time ran out during my partner's call, I 'topped-up' my phone.

With a zero balance in my phone I put a further £10 on it and then made a call to my boyfriend.

It appeared to be calling him when all of a sudden I got this really loud grinding sort of noise that made me pull the phone back from my ear.

I looked at the screen and the call appeared to end, and my balance came up on screen, you've guessed it: 9.11.

Now sorry to state the obvious but I made the call so it should have deducted 1.49 so the balance should have been 8.51. Is this all just a coincidence?

I spoke to someone who reckons she knows about numbers and she said if I add 9+1+1 it equals 11 and then if I add the 1+1 I get 2. Therefore the number 2 is my Life Path and that's why I'm aware of seeing the 9 and 11s.

She went on to say, amongst other things, that this meant I had a spiritual quality and I was one of the peacemakers in society.

I'm undecided as to whether the numbers are meaningful or if I'm simply imagining stuff.

- Karen

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