A Lottery Win Is Expected!

I'm Going To Win The UK Lottery this week!

How do I know? Because 'by coincidence' my name is Michael (but you can call me Mike!).

The UK National Lottery records show that you are most likely to win a jackpot if you are called Michael, John, David, Peter Robert or James. So how can I fail, I head the list.

The luckiest lottery winning women are called Margaret, Susan, Patricia, Mary and Christine.

Unfortunately my wife's name isn't amongst them so I'll just get the one ticket for myself. If she's good I'll share!

Let's see: a luxury house overlooking the sea, travel to far off lands ... we can all dream.


  1. Win, win! If you were traveling to far lands, we would be treated to your travel synchros! Selfish, I know. Fingers crossed for you.