The World Champion Yo-Yo Coincidence

This isn't a big flashy coincidence story but is still something I'm personally amazed by.

I had been clearing out the attic in our house and came across a case full of bits and pieces from when I was a child. Amongst the items were two autograph books. I kept these out as I wanted to look at them to see if any of the more famous names might be of interest.

An autograph I did notice (above), as I absent mindedly flicked quickly through the pages, was one of somebody called Don Robertson who wrote in my book, "Hi Mike, Don Roberston Yo-Yo Instructor."
I didn't think any more about this until I was watching The One Show on (UK) television later that evening. Who did they bring on as an odd interest item? Yes, an 81 year old Don Roberston! And right after I had been looking at his signature.

Seemingly Don is still technically the reigning yo-yo champion from 50+ years ago because the title has not been contested since he won it all those years ago - and I've got his autograph! Small world.

There was another aspect of this coincidence as well. On the front of one autograph book (pic right) was the word 'Corbiere'. I had never realised this previously.

Corbiere is something I mentioned in my post Dreaming Winners Of Horse Races about how I dreamt a future happening, where the word Corbiere played an important part. By another coincidence I also used to live in Corbiere Avenue, years back, when I bought my very first house.

I feel that these winks from the Universe, as some people like to call such coincidences, are to make us aware that events and people ten, twenty, forty or hundreds of years apart are all linked and threaded together. In some respect time is meaningless.

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  1. I enjoy these kinds of synchros. They make you feel you're on the right track for the day and that all of us really are connected.

    1. I liked this one too Trish. It feels good when such things happen - almost magical.