The Puzzling Anniversary Text Coincidence

Happy Anniversary clip artIt was the wedding anniversary of John Davis' parents, who live in Wales, and he realised he had forgotten to send them a card or any flowers.

As John didn't want to be too much in their bad books he sent them a text until he had time to phone them properly later in the day.

Later that afternoon he received a phone call from his next door neighbour, whom he didn't really know that well - and who thanked him for sending a message of congratulations for his anniversary.

To say this puzzled John is putting it mildly.

Firstly he didn't have his neighbour's number in his mobile's memory, secondly he didn't know it was his neighbour's anniversary and thirdly the text message had got through okay to his parents.

He has no idea as to how the same text message was somehow sent to his neighbour. And it was, of course, a coincidence that his parents and his neighbour had the same anniversary date.

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  1. Good one! How truly weird. This one is a trickster!