16th Century Cottage Coincidence Story

Okay, I'll kick off with a personal experience of coincidence and synchronicity.

Coincidence in Rye cottageMy wife and I were in Rye, England where we had rented a 16th century holiday cottage. We parked our car on the narrow cobbled street to unload.

As I took the first bit of luggage inside the old cottage I noticed a trap door in the beamed ceiling of the living room. I said to my wife, "I wonder what that was used for?" She didn't really answer so I went back to the car to get some more of our stuff.

There was an old lady standing outside of the cottage shaking a stone out of her shoe. I said words to the effect that I hoped my car wasn't in her way. She shook her head and said, "I used to live in that cottage twenty years ago. It's got a trap door in the lounge to take the coffins in and out of the bedroom, when somebody dies. The stairs are too narrow and steep otherwise. It's also used for furniture." And with that she went on her way.

16th century cottage bedroomThe old lady had answered the question I had asked my wife. It felt quite spooky as I hadn't asked her anything about the cottage.

There were two coincidences with this example.

(1) The old lady had stopped (by chance?) outside of the cottage to remove a stone from her shoe and
(2) She answered a question without being asked (she couldn't have heard me ask my wife about this).

So how did this happen: by coincidence, synchronicity or pure chance? Who knows.

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