A Clutch Of Coincidences In Truro

Truro, CornwallCoincidences seem to happen when we embrace life, get about and do things. At least that's what I find. If we sit tucked away from the world at large, down in the dumps and negative, then not much happens.

I don't mean that dramatic coincidences or synchronicity will occur every day - though they might! Sometimes small happenings can also be interesting. Here's an instance of four which happened in one day at Truro, Cornwall - when my wife and I were out and about.

Firstly I had an hospital appointment. Nothing serious just a visit for a check up at the Dermatology Department. I was delayed at the hospital, they seemed to be all behind schedule. I finally left, after my appointment, about an hour later than expected.

As I did so there was my son and his fiance heading for the maternity department and I had the good news that I was to be a granddad! I was thrilled. They had kept it all secret so obviously I was 'meant' to see them.

My wife had dropped me off at the hospital and had then gone into the nearest town centre, Truro (photo top right), to look round the shops. I phoned her to pick me up and she said she had just that minute got back to the car as her phone rang, she would be with me in ten minutes. So that was two 'coincidences'.

flowers pink azaleaWe then decided to visit a friend who lived quite near the hospital. She was home and we chatted away for about an hour. I asked her if she still had the same lady gardener - whom she had told us about previously - as her garden was looking nice. She confirmed she did but said she wasn't due a visit from her for another couple of days. The door bell rang and - yes, it was her gardener who popped in on the off chance. So that's three coincidences.

The gardener came in for a coffee and we all got talking.

It turned out that the gardener was originally from my old home town (300 miles away). Of course we had places of interest to talk about, changes that had been made and so on. I found out, for example, that the Police Station where I worked after leaving college is now a coffee bar and restaurant. That's four coincidences in a day.

If we had stayed home in our living room we would have missed those 'magical' moments. You might say that they aren't very spectacular coincidences but they helped brighten our day. It shows an indication of how everything fits together and how we can receive all sorts of information.

Let the universe take the strain.

P.S. This post was first published on my blog 67 Not Out. Since then my son has married his fiance, so I have a lovely daughter-in-law, and I've become the proudest granddad in the world.

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  1. I would probably have to agree with you there Mike.Being "out and about" tends to bring on the syncs a little more than usual,but so does reading,movie watching and internet surfing.
    Maybe that's why they never seem to stop for me,I'm always doing one or more of them all of the time.-)

  2. What you call small synchros are really quite huge when you think about the odds involved. It's as if the universe was chatting to you nonstop and you were very much in the flow.