Jonathan Pryce Coincidence Story

A coincidence story today from the actor Jonathan Pryce (Pirates Of The Caribbean series, The Brothers Grimm, Tomorrow Never Dies, Evita and so on). This tells the story of when his mother died.

"My mother was 83 but had been ill for a while. My sister called and told me to come home, so I got the next plane out to the UK (he was in New York). Now this could have been complete coincidence, but I remember getting on the plane and telling the crew why I was going back - just in case I broke down and they thought, "Hell, call the captain."

I did get a bit tearful and short of breath. I remember looking down at my watch to see how long before we arrived. It was 2 am UK time. I sat with the stewardess for some of the flight and then went back to my own seat.

The driver I'd worked with on some films came to meet me. He was going to drive me to Wales straight away. I phoned my sister and she said, "She's just died." I asked what time and she'd died exactly as the plane had landed.

My sister took me through the last night with my mother. She said she started to slip away about 2am and they'd said to Mum, "Hold on, Jon's coming." It coincided with the time I'd got short of breath.

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  1. These kind of synchronicities are a lot more common than you would think,when you delve into the subject.But the more people who share these personal experiences with others,the more people will get to see that there is something more than coincidence at play here.
    I would say it is more like subtle communication from the part of that person who lives on beyond the human form they once were.

    1. I think you are right, it's a form of communication if we are aware sufficiently.

  2. Communication occurs at deep levels like this when death and near death are involved. I think it comes back to how we are all connected.

    1. I've come across quite a few such stories recently. Connection, as you say, is the key word.