The Coincidence Of The Links We Have With Other People

A coincidence story from Dan today about the links we sometimes unexpectedly have with other people.

"I went for a job interview in Norwich (a middle-size city in Eastern England). At the interview stage I met this girl called Louisa. I got talking to her and it turned out she came from Dunstable which was near to where I went to university in Luton.

When I told her what I had studied she reeled off a list of 2 or 3 people she knew at Luton University, one of whom was my ex-girlfriend, Karen! I was astonished.

After we had our interviews I offered to walk her home and asked her where she lived. It was the exact house that one of my other ex-girlfriends, Sophie, lived in a year before! I returned home a bit freaked.

I didn’t see Louisa again for about three months when she turned up to start work in not only the same office but the same team as I was in. And this wasn't for the company where we met for the interviews, but somewhere completely different!"

~ Dan

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