A Box Of Pisces Coincidence


Today's coincidence example was sent to me by JC who often send me interesting bits and pieces. It's nothing very spectacular but illustrates how coincidences are often about, but we can easily overlook them.

"My name is David and my coincidence is about being born on David Street in Dandenong, Melbourne, Australia.

The Doctor who delivered me was also named David but my parents named me after the King of the Jews David, not after the doctor.

The Doctor was out fishing in the bay the day I was to be delivered and he had to come in early to deliver me. I ended up being a Pisces, another coincidence (Pisces being the Latin for Fish)

Also there is a sequence with my birthdate 12/3/1984 - a 1234 sequence with the 4 being the 4th number of the year."

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