10 Coincidence Examples And Coincidence Stories

Coincidence stories and Coincidence examples

Something a little different today as it is now 2014. The following are the Top 10 Most Viewed Coincidence Stories and Examples on this blog for last year.

1. Date On Her Boyfriends Baby Photo Was Her Birthday
I have been living with my boyfriend for three years and a couple of weeks ago we went to see his parents. I don't really get on too well with his mother but that's another story, though his father laughs and says it's because we are so alike - ugh, the thought of that! The boyfriend's mother dug out loads of baby photos of her ... Read full coincidence story.

2. A Message From My Dead Father Coincidence
his is a personal coincidence story or maybe something much more: a message from the dead. Thinking about it perhaps it doesn't sound such a big deal but, at the time, it affected me greatly and still intrigues today. My son had just told us that he had ... Read full coincidence example.

3. She Was Topless In Front Of Her Postman
Reading about how British women are more likely to cover up while at home brought back to me an embarrassing coincidence while I was on holiday in the south of Spain. I was sunbathing on the beach while topless and decided to ... read full coincidence story.

4. Squashed Coca-Cola Can Brought Them Together
I was wandering around an open air market in Wimborne with my daughter-in-law. I said to her, "I would give anything if I could see Alice’s face just one more time." This was an old neighbour who ... Read full coincidence example.

5. Afghanistan War Coincidence With The 1800s
I don't really want to get into the world of politics with this blog but I came across something today which is one of those coincidences where history repeats itself - or at least it could. I'll say first that I was against the invasion ... Read full coincidence story.

6. Meeting In Venice Italy Coincidence
Probably the biggest coincidence that's ever happened to me occured while I was traveling Europe with my best friend. We had just graduated high school and were traveling for our first time. We made it to Venice, Italy about halfway ... Read full coincidence example.

Venice art work

7. Speeding Car Chase Coincidence
When I was a teenager, rather than go to parties and get drunk, we would drive around and cause trouble. We spent a fair amount of time practicing speed runs through a local park with winding roads and we would antagonize drivers to get them to chase ... Read full coincidence story.

8. Abraham Lincoln And John F Kennedy Coincidences
There are lots of famous coincidences. Here's some about Abraham Lincoln that are quite well known. Actually, thinking about it, the first part perhaps isn't quite so well known. When Abraham ... Read full coincidence example.

Coincidence cartoon

9. Coincidence Of Grandfather's WW1 Bugle Being Found On Market Stall
Soldier Daniel Clay wrote home to his mother just prior to the battle of the Somme in 1916 during World War I. In his letter he said, "... if it should be that my time has come ... just look after my darling little daughter." Daniel's wife had died in ... Read full coincidence story.

10. Pilot Meets German Who Saved His Life In WW2
It was supposed to be 23 year old pilot Jack Dack's 33rd and final mission before heading back to Melbourne in Australia. As he flew over Holland on October 23rd 1944 his Lancaster bomber was shot down by enemy fire. Before the ... Read full coincidence example.

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