Bumping Into Someone While Travelling Coincidence

Travel coincidence, bump into each other

It's surprising how many travel coincidences keep cropping up. Here's another one I received. You never know who you might bump into round the next corner wherever you are in the world.

"I met this guy Simon at a rock climbing gym in California, He and I climbed together a couple times but didn't become great friends or anything.

Fast forward five months: I started hitch-hiking across the country and ended up in Colorado where I met this guy Greg in and ended up sleeping on his couch for a couple months.

I told him I am from Cali and he mentioned his room-mate Simon is also from Cali and he is there for the summer. I didn't think about it at all as Simon as was only an acquaintance of mine.

After summer was over Greg invited me over to his house for a pot luck. Sure enough as I go into the house I see Simon and as Greg goes to introduce me I just yell out. "Simon!" and he says, "Jeremy? What are you doing here?"

I ended up living with Simon and Greg for a few more months and became great friends with both of them."

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