The Coincidence Of Crows

black crow

A coincidence story today from Sandra about crows:

The other day there were two big black crows in my garden. They looked quite intimidating close up and they hung about for ages.

Later the same day I went to the supermarket and as I parked my car at the far side of the car park, near a grassy bank, a crow landed quite near to me. It appeared that he was looking at me but I thought it was only my imagination.

A short while after arriving home my husband returned early from work. This was because he had to get up early the next day to drive to see a client at Crowborough in East Sussex, and the name of the man was Mr.Crowe.

I thought this was a strange coincidence.

~ Sandra

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  1. Crows are one of my favourite bird species...if not my favourite.
    They are so intelligent and undeservedly feared.
    We can learn a lot from these messengers of the sky.

  2. I love crows. They are always faithful messengers. The trick is figuring out what the message is!