Lost Wallet At Heathrow Terminal 5 Coincidence

Terminal 5 Heathrow London

A coincidence story today from Harry about losing his wallet in London's Heathrow Terminal 5.

"I arrived late on a flight into London Heathrow's Terminal 5. As my mobile wasn't working I made my way over to the nearest pay phone to call my wife. To make the call I used a pre-paid phone card which I kept in my wallet.

I spoke to my wife and told her what time I would arrive home and then headed for the Gent's toilets, leaving my wallet in the phone booth.

I suddenly realised what I had done and rushed back to the phone booth, but there was no wallet to be seen. I started to panic a little as this held my credit and debit cards, cash and other important documents.

I wasn't too sure what to do and started walking around looking for a Lost and Found section or perhaps someone who could help me. Terminal 5 is usually very busy. I noticed a smart looking woman in a business suit and, for some unknown reason, picked on her to see if she knew if there was a lost and found desk.

She looked strangely at me and asked what the problem was and I told her about my wallet being lost. She asked what it looked like and I straight away told her without thinking as to why she would have asked this.

She opened her bag and said, "Is this it?"

I couldn't believe I had asked the person who had actually found my wallet out of all of the hundreds of people milling about. After I had verified it was mine, by giving her my name and descriptions of what was inside, she returned the wallet to me.

I offered to buy her a coffee or a drink and she said a coffee would be fine, if I would buy her a bun as well! We talked and I found out that she knows my wife's sister. It seems to be a small world at times."

~ Harry

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  1. Awesome. Again huge odds! What/who is orchestrating this stuff?