Someone Special Delivered By Coincidences

Love and marriage coincidence

Is it fate or just a coincidence? Michael Cook and Kristen Reed have just got married. Okay nothing bizarre there until, that is, the coincidences start to stack up.

The couple met at a wedding five years ago in New Jersey. He'd travelled from Virginia and Kristen from Florida. They got talking, as you do, on such occasions. There was an attraction but they had to return to their respective homes. Nowadays, of course, we have emails and even the phone so they kept in touch.

A month went by and the attraction was still there. It was then that they started to notice the coincidences.

Kristen told the Cape Cod Times, "I told him my birthday was March 30, 1978, and he said, 'So is mine.'"

One swallow doesn't make a summer and one coincidence doesn't make a cluster. Michael had, after all, also dated another girl who had her birthday on March 30th.

Kristen asked more questions, "I asked him where he was born, and he said Virginia, and I said, 'So was I.' He said he was born at Fairfax Hospital, and I said, 'So was I.'

"I thought he was just kidding me, so I made him make a copy of his driver's license and fax it to me. It was true!"

There then followed other little things. They had both spent a lot of time at Cape Cod. Kristen's grandparents have a home in Harwich and Michael spent vacations in Harwich Port every year, as did Kristen. They were well and truly inter-linked in all sorts of ways.

They married on October 30, 2010. Standing up for them was Kristen's younger sister and Michael's brother - who just happen to share the same birthday!

This couple were meant to meet at that wedding in New Jersey. It was written in the stars or somewhere.

A final note from Kristen, "I'm the dreamer of the two of us. I always believed that someone special would come into my life, but I never thought it would be something like this!"

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