The Lost And Found Happiness Keys Coincidence

Woman with keys, the happiness keys

A 67 Not Out reader's coincidence story today, who wishes to remain anonymous.

"I went on a long walk with my friend who was visiting me from up country. We did a circular route through the woods and countryside of Dorset and about five hours later returned to my car.

I was horrified to see that the pocket, where my keys should have been, was inside out. I panicked, the keys were definitely lost.

Sheepishly I phoned my husband to drive over to where we were stranded with my spare set of keys. He was none to pleased to say the least and eventually, following quite an ear bashing (with words only of course), we reached home.

It wasn't only my car key that was missing. It was on a ring that also held my door key etc. plus other sentimental things I had attached.

I put off getting replacements and the following weekend my parents also came to visit. I took them on the same walk. My husband was working all day Saturday so he lectured me about keeping my pocket zipped up properly and why hadn't I got any replacement keys as yet etc. etc. You know what men are like.

My parents enjoyed the walk, it was one they hadn't been on previously. As we eventually strolled back towards my car I saw a man in front of us bend to pick up something. My heart started thumping as I knew exactly what he had found. As we caught up with him he said, "Don't suppose you've lost any keys have you? Just found these in the ferns."

I could have kissed him (but didn't as my parents were with me) because they were the keys I had lost the previous week. I was very happy on the drive home.

When we arrived home even my grumpy husband had to smile at the coincidence of the finding of the keys.

I suppose it is a coincidence!"

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  1. Terrific story! I love these synchros about lost objects that somehow find their way back to the owner.